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The right treatment for sleep apnea has been linked to improved cardiovascular health, mental health, work performance, and longevity. The Sleep Clinic of Delaware is dedicated to treating sleep apnea effectively and comfortably.


Whenever possible, Dr. Hunt prescribes home sleep testing to diagnose sleep apnea. We see the most accurate results when patients sleep in their normal environments for the test.*

You will receive the home sleep testing kit at your appointment and can choose the most convenient night for you. Our office will go through all of the instructions in detail. You can also view a video of the simple process.

Dr. Hunt specializes in interpreting sleep tests and then providing customized care and follow-up.


Dr. Hunt will work with you to choose the best treatment plan for your health and your lifestyle. 

Options include:

Contact our office when you're ready to set up your sleep test in the comfort of your own home.

* Some sleep tests will still need to be performed in laboratory settings.

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